Energy savings and top-notch logistics achieved in warehouse


Austrian perfume retailer PAM installed a docking construction, leveller and industrial door, and made savings in energy costs, while improving logistics flow into and out of the warehouse.

Besides the goal of achieving perfect logistics for their high-quality goods, PAM had very high energy costs generated from the warehousing and shipping area.

High energy costs in warehouse and shipping area

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems delivered a special construction with ASSA ABLOY loading dock equipment, leveler and industrial door, which besides improving the logistics ideally met the vision of energy cost savings for PAM.

The special dock leveler included an insulated loading solution including an electrically operated industrial door. This reduces energy losses considerably and saves energy compared to a normal dock leveler.

"From design to packing, warehousing and logistics, we at PAM – as well as our suppliers – expect quality. And that's what we promise our customers," says PAM's CEO Verena Resch.

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