Upgrade and modernisation of your automated pedestrian, industrial and high speed doors & loading dock equipment.

Upgrading is a simple, cost-effective way to bring automated entrances up to current standards in terms of a modern look, performance adaptation, and adherence to any new local building requirements. We pride ourselves on being a strategic, innovative, and professional OEM partner, taking the upgrade of your door and docking systems from development andmanufacturing right through to installation.


The upgrade and modernisation of each bespoke entrance system are designed in extending the lifetime of your door system, making them more sustainable and lowering your total cost of ownership. 

Explore exactly how each of your automatic doorsindustrial doorshigh speeds doors, and loading bay equipment can be enhanced with our modernisation kits.

Minimise the risk of your loading bay accidents

With approximately 25% of all industrial accident occur at loading bays, we have introduced the ASSA ABLOY DE6190AR Automatic Restraint. Essential for maximum loading bay safety, the restraint traps the wheel of the vehicle, preventing unplanned movement during the loading and unloading process.

Complete control ensures safety you can rely on

The fully integrated operating system ensures the dock doors cannot open until the restraint is locked in place.

No damage to vehicles

A precision-timed blocking arm exerts constant force to prevent drivers accelerating away from the docking bay, even if they try.

Easy to install

Minimum building works are required for installation.

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