Be proactive with the right customer service level agreement

Businesses experience a steady flow of people, goods and services through its entrances every day. But heavy traffic also puts your door systems under pressure as every component needs to work continuously to keep them functioning properly.

Approximately 25% of all industrial accidents occur at loading bays. Loading bays are typically the busiest and most dangerous areas as there is a constant flow of large vehicles with heavy loads. There are other potential dangers including high noise from machinery and blind spots. 

Our flexible customer service agreements, are tailored to each and every customer, taking into consideration your usage, energy objectives and age of equipment.

Local rules and regulations vary and change over time - our service checks and planned maintenance programs always follow the latest developments. Failure to comply with local regulations can be costly, result in sanctions and endanger workers. 

As your Service Provider, we increase uptime through regular planned service visits and replacement of old components. This essential service extends the lifetime of your doors, ensures safe passage of goods and people and helps prevent unexpected problems and downtime.

Included in all packages

  • 1-4 scheduled maintenance visits per year
  • 24/7 priority service hotline and fast response
  • Safety, compliance and quality control checks
  • Documentation reports provided on site

Pro-active care packages

An ASSA ABLOY service agreement ensures reliable, safe and sustainable operations at every entrance under your agreement.

With local presence and operations in your country, we have specialized service technicians on call to help you take care of your service needs. [more]

Three levels of priority cover

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Gold Silver Bronze

The ultimate protection

With full coverage, Gold Service enables you to plan and budget your expenses annually.

GOLD Service benefits:

  • Spare parts for emergency calls
  • Labor and travel costs for emergency calls
  • Replacement of components according to preventive maintenance

Added advantages

With cover for all service calls during business hours, Silver Service offers you peace of mind.

SILVER Service benefits:

  • Labor and travel costs for emergency calls
  • Preventive maintenance

Scheduled service

With scheduled onsite visits, Bronze Service means you know that your doors will be regularly serviced and inspected.

BRONZE Service benefits:

  • Preventive maintenance

Optional add-ons

For an online overview of your entrance systems and their service history you can add ASSA ABLOY e-maintenanceTM to your service package. See the benefits of having ASSA ABLOY e-maintenance™  here.