ASSA ABLOY Launch First ATEX Certified High Speed Doors


Potentially explosive environments are an unfortunate norm of many industries and achieving necessary safety standards often require specialised efforts. Employers and employees alike should be able to work assured that conditions are safe. This peace of mind can be reached with our ATEX Certified ASSA ABLOY High Speed Doors, so that productivity can be optimised without any extra concerns. Therefore, we at ASSA ABLOY are proud to launch our ATEX Certified entrance solution.

Ex and ATEX areas require specialised doors in order to minimise the threat posed by flammable gases, vapours or combustible dust meeting oxygen, open flames, sparks, rising temps or static energy. The reason our high speed doors are the most appropriate entrance solution on the market is as follows:

Our ASSA ABLOY HS-PX3 family of high speed doors are entirely composed of the materials necessary for ATEX use. Our ATEX Certified solution is the only one which can be considered ‘complete’ on the market. Other doors only feature components that are ATEX Certified. With our doors every single element is up to the required standard. Rest assured that each component of the ASSA ABLOY HS-PX3 family is independently verified to meet international requirements.

Main features of our HS9010PX3, HS8010PX3, HS8020PX3 include:

  • ATEX environment category 3
  • Medium-sized, max. 5500 x 5500 mm
  • Heavy-duty operations
  • Inside and outside usage
  • Stainless steel construction incl. bearings and drive
  • Unique direct door drive system
  • Opening speed up to 1,0 m/s
  • Inspected by a European accredited notified body


Our ATEX Certified entrance solutions allow for an undisturbed flow of production and individuals alongside improved safety conditions. The opening and closing speed of our doors will minimise traffic, maximise employee comfort, and save you energy. Moreover, the ability to partition your workplace means that you can easier reduce the necessary size of your Ex and ATEX areas.

ASSA ABLOY are on hand to help you, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure which entrance solutions are best for your workplace. Our dedicate team of professionals are happy to work alongside you to increase the safety of your company and reduce the size of those Ex and ATEX zones.

If you have any further questions, or would like to further discuss our range please call us on +353-1-4111652 or email