Bridge the Gap with Dock Levellers


Dock levellers bridge the gap between a docked vehicle and loading bay, making them a key component to the smooth facilitation of goods and people during the loading/unloading process. Numerous operations are carried out every day, so having the right dock leveller for your loading bay will optimise the efficient transfer of goods while minimising the risk of accidents.

Our dock levellers are tailored to suit your facility because having the right criteria in terms of size and shape is crucial to its effectiveness. Various capacity options are therefore offered as appropriate, and you are not limited to standard dimensions. This is because ASSA ABLOY are industry leaders in industrial door and access solutions, with an international reach and over 25 years’ experience. Our experts will not only tailor manual dock plates and automatic levellers to your specific requirements, but to the highest standards worldwide.

Loading bay equipment is integral to the smooth running of any industrial business and choosing the right dock leveller ensures its protection. Not all manual handling equipment is alike in design or operation, so we provide you with 6 different types of dock levellers to choose from. Some emphasise flexibility, such as the telescopic-lip Dock Levellers, while other types reduce energy loss in cold storage facilities, like the Teledock Isodock Dock Leveller. Our goal is to empower you with the dock leveller most compatible with your business goals. As experts in the field, we are there to support you during every step of the process, from design to servicing and installation, helping you receive the best result.

Our dock levellers are a fantastic long-term investment as they are built with durability in mind, with consideration given to their role in the efficient transfer of heavy goods and people. Cost-effective and sustainable, we design dock levellers to resolve your specific industry issues. Contact us to learn more about how your business could benefit from our well-designed dock levellers today.