Choosing Revolving Doors for Style & Security


Revolving door’s stylish, sophisticated and modern look make them an attractive traffic control entrance system that is suited for a wide variety of applications. ASSA ABLOY has developed a range of revolving doors that can be used in large open spaces, smaller compact areas and even secure access locations. With features including wings, large compartments and access control entry systems, they can meet the demand of modern workplaces and keep everyone passing into and out of the building safe.

High-Capacity Revolving Doors

These revolving doors are designed with 2 or 3 high-capacity wings which help ensure efficient flow of pedestrians in high traffic areas. The two wing models are spacious and are driven by a perimeter system, eliminating often bulky centre shafts allowing more space for people to pass through. Larger compartments can accommodate luggage, wheelchairs and large numbers of people with ease, making them ideal for office blocks, hotels and public buildings. The three-wing design has all the same benefits as well as a fully rotating ceiling that ensures even lighting throughout and hidden sensors for uncluttered presentation.

Compact Revolving Doors

Designed for smaller entrances that still require traffic control, compact revolving doors can be sped up with a manual push up to a pre-set maximum speed, allowing pedestrians to pass through at their own pace. Alternatively, they can be programmed to only operate manually which helps to reduce energy consumption and always ensure the safest speeds. The revolving door settings can be easily changed at the touch of the button and are available in sizes with 3 or 4 door leaves.

Access Controlled

ASSA ABLOY’s access control RD3A1 and RD4A1 revolving doors are designed to restrict the flow in one direction making secure entry and easy exit possible. This is ideal for environments where the door needs to be open but locked without increasing energy costs or sacrificing climate control. The RD4A2 model on the other hand allows access control in 2 directions with an emergency break-away feature that creates clear evacuation if needed.

See the full range of revolving doors on the ASSA ABLOY website.