Contain Ex Zones & Costs with Our ATEX Doors


Many workplaces can be potentially explosive. To reduce the risk of harm to persons and property, installing our ATEX certified doors can keep you in line with the necessary safety requirements, especially when dealing with Ex zones.

Ex Zones

Ex zones, also known as ATEX environments, often involve people working in outside conditions, with open entrances or exits, or with manually operated doors. These actions may do very little to reduce the risk of potential explosion or help you if there is one. Having uncertified doors can simply make things worse.

Ensure ATEX Compliance

To ensure the necessary safety standards are reached for your workplace ASSA ABLOY are here to help with our ATEX certified doors. Our doors are the only fully ATEX certified doors available on the market. These highspeed doors maximise the security of your workplace without minimising speed.

Financial Implications

Along with safety ramifications, not having our ATEX certified doors installed can impact you financially, especially when it comes to insurance. In the event of an accident your claim will be investigated, and if it is found you were not ATEX compliant it can affect the chance of receiving financial compensation. 

Efficiency Through Partitioning

By partitioning your workplace with ATEX doors you minimise both the area of the Ex Zones along with the administrative work required that surrounds them. Ex Zones are costly to manage, however these costs and risks can be reduced by installing our doors.

With our ATEX certified doors being high speed, you can rest assured your level of productivity will be unhindered. 

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