Direct Traffic with Revolving Doors


ASSA ABLOY manufacture revolving doors that not only contain numerous features but also look visually appealing.

That’s because we make it a priority to provide entrance solutions that empower your business and enhance the customer journey. Our compact revolving doors are sleek and come with a range of benefits that can improve your building effortlessly.

Air Control and Noise Reduction

One of the most noticeable facets of our compact revolving doors is the climate control you gain. If you want to make energy savings effortlessly, the standalone environment inside revolving doors protect your building from the loss of heat (or cool air) that conventional doors allow. Heavy traffic is to be expected at peak times of business and having a separation between the indoor and outdoor environment is simple yet effective solution for preserving the indoor climate. Steady traffic can often translate into creating lots of background noise if you do not have the right door solution, but fortunately noise reduction is another key benefit of our compact revolving doors.

Attractive Design

Our compact revolving doors also come in 3 or 4 wing arrangements to suit your business as necessary. Aesthetics are important as your doors are the first point of contact for visitors and customers, so our revolving doors are a visually appealing door solution in addition to providing practicality.

Our Dual Action Compact Revolving Door gives pedestrians greater control. The automatic speed can be increased by a manual push to allow pedestrians to enter or exit at their own pace. A pre-set maximum speed is also built-in as part of the Individual Speed Control feature to safeguard pedestrians.

Adjustability is another stand-out feature of a revolving door, so if you want remote access or the ability to switch from manual to motion sensor trigger, this door solution is right for you. The Dual Action Compact Revolving Door also enables you to restrict access in one or two areas for maximum security.

For more details on what our revolving doors can do for your business, explore further on our website. If you want any further information, contact us today.