Ex and ATEX Environments Explained


ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres (2014/34 / EU and 1999/92 / EG). ATEX is an abbreviation of the French words atmosphères explosibles. These atmospheres are identified when any potentially explosive material like flammable gas, vapour, or combustible dust could meet a source of ignition, such as spark, flame, or static atmosphere. Outside the EU ATEX categories are identified as Ex zones.

Understanding Ex and ATEX environments are a fundamental part of any industry dealing with potentially explosive elements. Once an area with an explosive atmosphere has been identified it is categorised into one of multiple Ex zones or ATEX categories. These zones identify the level of potential threat, from ‘continuous’ through to ‘occasional’ risk. A variety of measures must be taken to reduce the risk these areas pose, in order to protect the lives of you and your employees.

Clearly comprehending ATEX environments can be complicated, but it is essential to workplace safety. Choosing the appropriate solution to manage Ex zones is essential to minimising the threat of harm to people and property. Our experts at ASSA ABLOY are on hand to help you assess which entrance solutions are right for your company, having just launched the first ATEX Certified high-speed doors. Our high-speed doors are the first on the market fully composed of ATEX certified materials, unlike others that only use ATEX certified components.

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