Is your sectional door design right for your business


Within industrial and commercial environments, the overhead sectional door has been a staple solution for years.

They keep people and goods moving, while making optimal use of space. But today, there are more choices than ever, so how do you decide which overhead sectional door is right for your business needs?

In terms of design, spring-based or spring-balanced sectional doors have been the industry standard for decades. And for many businesses, these doors are still the ideal entrance solution – operating fast, efficiently and conveniently.

But with many industrial and commercial operations becoming more demanding, more intensive, and more challenging, the question is whether these doors can stand up the grueling conditions they are facing.

Extreme conditions

In operations where sectional doors have intensive or high cycle rates, are under attack from water and other corrosive materials, or need to perform in hygiene-sensitive environments, spring-based solutions can face a number of challenges.  

These include an increased risk of wear and tear, leading to higher maintenance needs, together with contamination from rust, dirt and grease. All of which can result in unplanned downtime, complete breakdowns, and ultimately higher costs.

Choosing direct drives

In recent years, businesses with increasingly tougher operating conditions have been looking to direct drive door designs rather than replacing existing springs.

These doors are ideal for frequent use operations, car wash facilities, and corrosion-sensitive environments such as food areas – reducing several operational risks and strains simply through the absence of spring mechanisms.  

At ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, we have been busy developing our own direct drive door designs within our overhead sectional door family. It has replaced a standard spring-based system with a stronger, more optimal motor and control system to bring a whole range of benefits. From easier and faster installation to reduced contamination, breakdowns, and more.

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