No Limits with ASSA ABLOY Hangar Doors


Aviation and shipyard industries have very specific requirements when it comes to entrance systems, they often take up large spaces and are located where conditions are unfavourable.

Hangar doors must be able to withstand heavy contaminants, high winds, weathering and intense use which is exactly what ASSA ABLOY have incorporated into our hangar door designs. With no limits on size or configuration our aircraft hangar, shipyard and crane doors are high quality and extremely safe.

Shipyard Hangar Doors

Shipyards are often found in coastal locations and so require a durable barrier against the harsh and unforgiving weather that comes with being so close to the sea. With salty water, high winds and bird lime all being corrosive, they need to be able to withstand these harsh conditions. By designing shipyard doors with vertical lift operation systems and in single-lead and multi-port designs, ASSA ABLOY’s range of shipyard doors can close even the largest openings and require very little maintenance despite the conditions.

Aviation Hangar Doors

Created to fill extremely wide door openings, aviation hangar doors from ASSA ABLOY can be almost unlimited in size. With the protection of high-value aircraft in mind, they promise maximum security as well as easy operation and energy efficiency. Created from translucent fabric, our aviation hangar doors optimise natural light inlet and have safety systems such as fail-safe and patented load arrestors inbuilt to ensure the safety of all personnel during operation. Multi-leaf styles fold vertically upwards, allowing large spaces to opened and closed without requiring a lot of headroom.

Crane Doors

Crane hangar door systems provide rapid and reliable entrance systems for businesses and industries that use overhead cranes. They are specifically designed to fit cranes and crane rails and require virtually no side room or floor tracks to install. With a tightly sealed entrance, they are well-positioned where conditions are harsh and can help to keep climate disruption to a minimum.

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