Sliding Door Solutions with Automatic Benefits


Not just a blockbuster romantic comedy from the 1990s, sliding doors are also one of our most popular entrance solutions for the benefits they bring to your business.

Explore the range of features to see how our automatic sliding doors can offer your business a simple yet effective entrance and exit solution.

We have 6 different models of automatic sliding doors because we are certified door solution specialists. Different buildings and industries require different door specifications, so we have utilised our expertise to cater to every possible demand in our designs. Peruse the options available to find the right match for you, from Hermetic sliding doors specially designed for use in clean room environments to protected sliding door systems with extra security, and so much more.

Safe and Secure

We design door solutions that are space-saving and innovative, fitted with a range of features that help to secure your building while still enabling the easy flow of goods and people. One of the added features we can offer is access control, whereby only permitted personnel are allowed to enter the building.

Energy Efficient

Sustainability is a key focus for any business operating in the modern climate. As legal requirements constantly evolve to include eco-friendly practices, public perception is tainted favourably by having green practices in place. Not only are our automatic sliding doors adaptable to your building’s specific requirements, they have also been manufactured with key features to adapt to a climate focus.

Our Eco Convenience Sensor has been developed with a directional impulse sensor that is able to determine the direction in which people are moving. Doors fitted with this type of sensor will open only if a person is walking directly towards the door. This specific sensor provides energy saving to the interior climate by minimising unnecessary openings of the door, and by reducing the total opening time on each of the cycles adapting them to the real traffic needs.

All our automatic sliding doors are built with a well-insulated safety glass that helps with heat insulation and reduces the likelihood of escaping heat while lowering your energy bill due to built-in insulation. As a result, you will have lower CO2 emissions than companies who are not utilising technology with our automatic entrance and exit solutions.

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