Space-Efficient Slim Sliding Door Systems


At ASSA ABLOY, we are well-known for providing a full range of door solutions for our customers to choose from, but few are more expansive than our sliding doors.

One of the crucial components of our automatic sliding door systems is how space-efficient they are by design, as the slim sliding door systems we manufacture are ideal for aligning with the look of the building while still performing at full capacity.

A vast range of applications are served by our multi-faceted approach to door solutions as hospitals, shopping centres, hotels and more all benefit from bespoke slim sliding door systems, as required. All sizes of applications are catered to and both older buildings (with their specific features) and newer builds can benefit from our automatic sliding doors. From the curved to the Hermetic sliding door system, our slim sliding door systems provide a secure and sustainable door solution with many unilateral and individual benefits.

Narrow entrances with high traffic require an entrance/exit solution that a conventional door cannot provide, but our technologically innovative sliding door systems can. If the door is installed in an area where only certain staff members are permitted to enter, we can configure the system with optional access control to bolster the security measures.

All businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need to embed eco-friendly measures and practices into their operations, and as a company with its own sustainability measures, our door solutions are similarly eco-conscious. The well-insulated safety glass built-in as part of our slim sliding door systems reduces the CO2 emissions that would be omitted if this insulation feature was not in place. As a result, your energy bills are lessened by the bolstered climate control you have and the Eco Convenience Sensor that monitors your energy consumption.

Our sliding door systems give you more control over your operations in addition to being a modern door solution that is sustainable, secure, and attractive in design.

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