The Benefits of High-Speed Doors


Doors are an integral part of the smooth running of any business and for companies that have high traffic or volume incomings and outgoings, high-speed doors are essential tools for productivity. Choosing the most suitable high-speed door relies on careful consideration of business requirements and should balance the need for performance, efficiency and practicality. ASSA ABLOY has a variety of high-speed door installations which offer specific benefits that can help businesses achieve their goals.

Improved Security

High-speed doors are by nature on fast opening and closing cycles which help make them more secure. Made from robust materials and with tight sealing and pressure resistance, our interior high-speed doors help to seal of critical areas and keep staff, machinery and processes secure and safe while being able to cope with frequent use.

Ease of Access

Opening and closing quickly, high-speed doors offer easy access to people and goods, allowing the business and its workforce more time to be productive and less time waiting for heavy doors to open. Our exterior high-speed doors can accommodate frequent deliveries from goods vehicles and all feature safe, robust and practical design features.

Contamination Prevention

Installations of interior high-speed doors can help to minimise contamination in areas that demand a high level of hygiene. Our food processing doors, for example, utilise a combination of speed and sealing to prevent against drafts and humidity which could spoil food stocks, with faster opening and closing resulting in fewer contaminants entering the surroundings.

Durable and Resistant

No matter where they are installed, high-speed doors are the first line of defence against intruders, but other threats such as wind, rust and dirt can be present and have the potential to undermine the installations integrity. However, our heavy industry high-speed doors are designed to withstand tough environmental conditions with minimal wear and tear all while offering a high level of functioning to businesses.