The Ultimate Safeguarding Innovation: Machine Protection Doors


It is the legal responsibility of employers to provide proper protection for their employees, and particularly important in high-risk industries such as manufacturing.

Fortunately, the evolution of technology has enabled many businesses to benefit from streamlined working procedures and smart ways of working that have employee safety embedded within the process. Machine protection doors are arguably the pinnacle in employee protection as the barrier shields workers from spark burns, intense ultraviolet light from welding lasers and serious accidents. In turn, you are protected from serious injury lawsuits and you also preserve the reputation of your business with just one installation.

Conventionally speaking, some of the technologically savvy features that companies frequently use to keep their employees safe comes in the form of perimeter guards, light curtains, and safety zones. Welding is a key component of manufacturing and while technological innovation has removed some of the human risk by utilising machinery and robot welder operators, unforeseen injuries and downtime are still threats to your business. For instance, if a worker breaches a safety zone or steps on a pressure sensitive safety mat, the production will immediately stop to ensure nobody gets hurt.

Ultimately, you rely on time-sensitive welding processes continuing within the optimised timeframe and you want to avoid having to stop production as a means of safeguarding. That’s where the machine protection door provides the ultimate in safeguarding innovation: the welding cell is completely sectioned off as a pro-active preventative measure.

The robust and space-efficient physical barrier makes it impossible for the area to be breached by accident. Since a separation of space is created, the airtight seal of the door prevents contaminants from compromising your operations and helps to minimise the noise pollution of the robot welding operator.

Optimal working conditions help to ensure your business runs smoothly. Don’t compromise on less efficient solutions when machine protection doors are designed to aid you in staying safety compliant and reduce your downtime.

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