Top 10 Factors for Automatic Swing Doors Installs


ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems have plenty of experience when it comes to the installation of our automatic doors. If you are thinking about installing automatic swing doors there are several things that you should consider first:


It is necessary to ensure the walls you are mounting the doors onto are reinforced according to the manufacturer’s instruction. This will have an integral impact on the future functionality of the doors, along with service requirements.


Depending on requirements, the automatic swing doors can be mounted on either the inside or outside of the door. If your doors were on the building’s exterior you would be required to place it on the inside. Indoors there are more options; mounting the operator on the closing side of the door, also called pushing application, gives a good reliable solution together with a hinged arm system. If you choose a pulling installation instead, you combine this with a pull arm and a guide rail on the door leaf.


There are several things to bear in mind when considering installation. It is essential the mechanism fits on the transom or door frame. In addition you will require some vertical room to allow for a proper aligning of the arm system. You will also require some lateral space for the operator.


The primary users of the doors will heavily influence the functionality and safety considerations in place. Swing doors in areas where there will be a high volume of children, the elderly, or individuals with special needs, will see safety considerations increase. As a result, this will also influence how fast you would like the doors to open and close.

Cable Management

A safe and modern automatic swing door system requires several cable connections in order to function correctly. Concealed cable management systems require pre-routed conduits in the wall, door leaf and section as well as concealed door loops. This must be designed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and should also include impulse sensors such as elbow switches.

Door Leaf Width and Weight

The level of performance the mechanism needs to provide is deduces by calculating the width and weight, along with the environment, as is most likely the first question a door supplier will ask.

Fire Cell Boundaries and Evacuation Requirements

If your door is to be located in a fire cell boundary, or if there are certain evacuation requirements, you must bear this in mind when discussing installation as this will determine which automatic operating system is to be used.   

Push Button or Automatic Radar

In considering the functionality and control of your automatic swing door, you will need to decide whether you would like the door to operate via a push button or to be activated in response to a radar impulse system for better flow? 

Door Stop

Your choices here are a physical external door stop fixed into the wall, or one programmed into the operating system. Either way they are essential to prevent damage to both the wall and door.

Door Service

The Machinery Directive (MD2006/42/EC) indicates all swing door operators should undergo proven maintenance, performed according to the directive. You must ensure that the door solutions can be maintained by an established partner.


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