Which Sliding Door System is Best for My Business?


Sliding doors from ASSA ABLOY are equipped with a variety of innovative features, making them a sensible and proactive choice for a diverse range of industries and commercial premises. By continually investing in the latest technologies and developing designs that go above and beyond the call of duty, our sliding doors can keep traffic flow calm, improve a building’s appearance and adhere to health and safety rules and legislation.

With so many options available, we’ve outlined the suitability of some of our sliding door systems for different companies.

All Glass Sliding Doors

Our all-glass sliding doors are designed for modern environments and offers spectacular, unobstructed view making them sleek and stylish as well as highly functional. Available as transparent and semi-transparent models both of which are ideal for environments where there is a need for high-end aesthetics. These sliding doors work particularly well in foyers, shopping environments and grand table settings where they can be eye-catching and show off products and services, with the transparent doors best suited for internal positioning and the semi-transparent doors utilising toughened glass, suitable for external too.

Slim Sliding Doors

Slim sliding door systems are framed with an aluminium profile that reduces the door footprint and enhances the aesthetic appeal of any facility. Designed to work in smaller spaces without imposing, these sliding doors are ideal for narrow passageways and escape routes as they maximise the clear opening width. With the option to use thermo glass, they can help to minimise energy costs and lead to a smaller carbon footprint wherever they are installed.

Protected Sliding Doors

Businesses with a public frontage can sometimes be vulnerable to theft, vandalism or trespassing and our protected sliding doors are designed to improve safety in these environments as the first line of defence. With certified RC2 level burglary resistant technology at the heart of each installation, these doors can protect businesses against potential perpetrators with a two-way EU cylinder lock. These sliding door systems are an ideal solution for retail, hospitality and offices.