Why Automatic Swing Doors Are a Must-Have


We design door and access solutions for every type of business, each one with a purpose to suit that particular premises.

If you have pedestrian entrances, then you ideally want a swing door solution with longevity and good accessibility. Fortunately, we have a wealth of experience and the perfect match for every building.

Disabled Access

If you are looking for swing doors that help you to meets the standards required by EN:16005, our automatic swing doors will facilitate you achieving that goal. Not all disabilities are visible or look the same, so the heightened access will open your business up to guests, employees, patients, and visitors with all different types of requirements.

Sustainable Technology

Our swing doors are designed to be greener than a manual option as they have built-in energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption and give you green credentials. Our automatic swing doors are notoriously a sustainable solution.

Modern Design

Automatic swing doors portray your workplace as current and inviting because you have chosen the technologically savvy door solution to makes things easy for your guests and customers. Comprised of safety devices, door leaf, operator, and access control options, our multi-faceted door solution looks sleek and clearly utilise technological advancement from the moment visitors arrive at the building.

Safety Protection

The swing doors we offer at ASSA ABLOY come with finger trap protection so everybody that uses the entrance is prevented from incurring any injury. Safety is of paramount importance when you plan to install swing doors on your premises to make pedestrian passage as safe as it can be.

ASSA ABLOY swing door systems can be tailored to your individual premises just like any of our industrial and commercial access solutions. To get booking or for any further enquiries, please contact us.