Why Cleanroom Doors are the Height of Innovation


Given our years of experience refining our skillset on the very specific topic of entrance and exit solutions, we are qualified to relay to you the benefits of each product.

Every door solution was created to serve particular purposes compatible with the respective industries the technology empowers, and cleanroom doors are worthy of exploration. Read on for a brief overview on what they are, why they might benefit your operation and exactly which advantages they provide.

Crucially, ASSA ABLOY cleanroom doors are built with fast opening and closing speeds as part of their high-speed door functionality with a nearly airtight seal. This produces an optimised ability to prevent draughts and contaminants from entering your building that would otherwise disrupt your operations in potentially hazardous and costly ways. The pressure drop is minimised with the airtight nature of the seal and therefore cleanroom doors are in full compliance with international cleanroom requirements.

We have three different models available, ASSA ABLOY HS9020GAT, ASSA ABLOY HS9030GAT and ASSA ABLOY RR300 Clean. The technological innovation of each door considers every requirement you have and is frankly impressive, with individual leaflets on each model available for download on our website. Some models, like the ASSA ABLOY RR300 Clean require a simple hand-wave to open the door to reduce the risk of contaminants as far as possible, while the ASSA ABLOY HS9020GAT is significant for being compact, with perfect sealing.

While cleanroom doors are useful to those in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and micro-mechanic industries at large, it is always useful to ascertain which particular model would be the most compatible with your application. We supply a variety of models to ensure every building can benefit from a tailored solution, as opposed to the ‘traditional’ one-size-fits-all approach of other companies.

Please note that all cleanroom doors are certified by the Fraunhofer Institute, and we offer a consultation before you decide which door solution is right for you. Contact us if you have any further queries today.