Why Your Business Needs Van Cushion Shelters


There are no two ways about it; van cushion shelters are ingenious.

At ASSA ABLOY, our commitment to innovation means we are always generating ideas of how we can help to facilitate the smooth running of your business through our door and loading bay solutions. Van cushion shelters create a tight seal between the open back doors of the van and the loading bay entrance during the loading and unloading process. Designed to work specifically for parcel distribution centres, van cushion shelters are the difference between enhancing your operations and simply living with the risks incurred by the loading and unloading process.

Efficient Operations

The van cushion shelters facilitate a smooth loading/unloading process because once the seal is securely in place, the task at hand can commence without interruption. No matter how your loading operation is carried out, the cushion shelter helps to make it easier. A manual dock plate can be utilised to engender the safe and efficient transfer of goods if your driver is using a roll cage or pallet truck. To further adapt to your process, the bottom cushion can be omitted to make room for the dock plate. If your driver performs the loading process by hand, the bottom cushion can be put in place to so they can freely walk between the van and the inside of your facility. 

Energy Efficient

We have calculated that energy savings of up to 50% can be made with van cushion shelters. The tight sealing is particularly effective if you are using a finger concept and conveyor belt system in terms of energy efficiency, which is becoming an increasingly important factor in business operations. The minimisation of energy transfer can only have positive repercussions too as your workers will perform better when their wellbeing is well-looked after and your environment has been fine-tuned for the operations at hand.

Weather Resistant

On a similar but just as important note, the impact of any rain, snow or excess sunshine affecting your goods if there are gaps between the van and loading bay is eliminated. An optional separate roof alongside closing the gap provides sustained weather protection.

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