Automatic doors

Sliding, swing and revolving doors optimise pedestrian entrances, improving accessibility, safety and energy consumption in any building. Automatic doors welcome visitors, guide traffic and preserve indoor climate zones.

Automatic doors - innovative entrance ideas

ASSA ABLOY automatic doors are available in many different designs and can come with various functionality. Everything is possible, from space-saving sliding doors and classic swing doors to high capacity or compact revolving doors; there is a suitable automatic door for every entrance area and all customer requirements. The automatic doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems adhere to the highest security and quality standards, plus their energy efficiency and environmental protection is always a top priority. All door systems can be incorporated into a new building’s design or integrated into existing buildings to increase ease and efficiency when traffic is high.

Easily meet even the highest security requirements with an ASSA ABLOY automatic door

Specific safety standards apply to all automatic doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems and are always adhered to and regularly checked during maintenance. They also meet guidelines for emergency exits and other specific requirements. For example, revolving doors can be linked directly to the building's fire alarm system in order to release the door leaves for manual opening in an emergency, thus providing a safe escape route from the building, even for large flows of people.

In addition to opening without manual intervention, the large revolving doors are particularly notable for their accessibility, they can be easily passed with wheelchairs or luggage trolleys or trolleys.

Make a positive contribution to environmental protection with a new automatic door

Each automatic door has its own innovative way of saving energy. Automatic sliding doors close exceptionally tightly to keep out the cold. The hermetically sealed door system strictly monitors the indoor climate to maintain the air quality and avoid contamination. In contrast, the revolving door is programmed to always stop in an ideal parking position, which completely closes the entrance and prevents drafts from entering the building and warm air escaping.

Find the right automatic door for your business

We’re here to make finding a suitable automatic door easy. All models of sliding doors, swing doors and revolving door have different features and can be developed with adaptable options. These include, for example, access control or special security locks. Even with narrow entrances, innovative solutions can be found to make the entrance area appear larger and more inviting with an automatic door. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems will be happy to assist you in choosing the right automatic door.