ASSA ABLOY automatic swing doors

Swing doors take up minimal space while maximizing opening width. Automating swing doors is a sustainable way to enhance performance of new doors or as a retrofit upgrade. Manual opening is easy when needed for convenience or safety.

Swing doors - perfect for universal use

Automatic swing doors are probably one of the door solutions that are most frequently used in public buildings as they offer the ideal solution for a wide variety of situations. This type of door takes up minimal space while maximising opening width. Thanks to the standard push arm and optional axis extension, automatic swing doors can be adapted to almost an entrance or passage area.

Swing doors features:

  • Space-saving construction
  • Age and handicapped accessible
  • Flexible assembly
  • Smooth operation
  • Attractive design
  • Suitable for universal use
  • Various swing door drives to suit your requirements
  • External or concealed door hinges
  • Quiet opening and closing
  • High convenience thanks to contactless opening
  • Energy-efficient building access
  • Easy retrofitting

Why an automatic swing door?

Automatic swing doors can be used universally in entrances and are primarily found in public buildings or commercial properties. The wings of the revolving door are attached to the so-called longitudinal edge of the door frame so that the revolving edge is aligned vertically. Colloquially, automatic swing doors are often confused with revolving doors - in fact, however, these are a special version of revolving doors.

There is also a fundamental distinction between swing doors based on the direction of rotation: DIN right or DIN left . The door is viewed from the side to which it swings open. If the movement fittings (also called hinges) are on the left side, it is a DIN left door. If the hinges are on the right side, it is referred to as a DIN right door.

Since the door leaf rotates, only a small swivel range is required. The door opening angle of an automatic revolving door is more than just 90 ° and can be set up to 120 °. As a result, an opened revolving door does not protrude half as far into the passage or hallway as a normal door thanks to a slightly larger door opening angle, saving valuable space in the passage area. And that is exactly what makes a revolving door remarkably space-efficient, age-appropriate and accessible for wheelchair users.

ASSA ABLOY swing doors - maximum security with the highest requirements

Reliable and fast access options are extremely important for the undisturbed movement of people and goods between separate departments. In addition, the security of the pass-through system also plays a decisive role. 

ASSA ABLOY swing door drives are characterised by years of research and development in the technological field. In this way, our automatic swing doors guarantee high speed and maximum security in the operational process. The swing doors ensure smooth passage for people and materials even when there is constant high traffic. These special automatic doors offer maximum functionality and efficiency for all entrances. Whether in public buildings such as hospitals, for use in commercial spaces such as supermarket entrances or between different departments inside the building, swing doors always offer an optimal solution.