ASSA ABLOY automatic revolving doors

Our range of automatic revolving doors are created to ensure you find the perfect fit for your business. Climate control is a stand-out feature of ASSA ABLOY revolving doors as you can facilitate visitors entering and exiting your premises and direct this traffic accordingly. Variations in the desired function of revolving doors are accounted for by our different creations, so choose accordingly and enjoy the best door access solution for you.

Revolving doors: the elegant solution for spacious and inviting entrance areas

Revolving doors are the ideal solution for buildings with substantial entrance areas that need to convey sophistication and modernism. The high-capacity drive of the revolving doors, in-conjunction with  the full glazing of the door leaves, creates an elegant overall impression. The hidden safety sensors also ensure clear lines and sleek design.

The ASSA ABLOY UniTurn revolving door, are a two-wing revolving doors that are ideal for high-traffic entrance areas. The larger door compartments enable user to access with shopping or luggage trolleys, as well as wheelchairs. The same applies to the particularly spacious three-wing revolving door. In addition to the convenient passage, another advantage of the revolving doors is that they can be attached directly to the floor. Rotating ceilings that turn completely with the unit enable the revolving door to be ideally illuminated throughout and prevent wear and tear from chafing. 

Energy-efficient entrances

 As with all door and entrance solutions from ASSA ABLOY, we know it’s of the utmost importance to have the highest energy efficiency in our revolving doors. Hardly any air escapes from the building through the tightly closing door leaves, additionally cold drafts can’t get in. With the innovative parking position, all automatic revolving doors stop so that the entrance is always completely locked. As the indoor climate is always maintained, a revolving door can reduce heating costs and save money in the long run.


Maximum security 

Since revolving doors are often used in buildings with many people, the door is being used continuously, reliability and the highest safety regulations are a basic requirement. Hidden sensors in the door leaves always monitor the flow of people and the door stops automatically if a person or an object is detected in the safety zones of the revolving door. In the event of a fire or emergency, the door leaves are released immediately or can be folded away manually, making it possible to escape outside without restriction. This function can be linked directly to the building's fire alarm system, making every entrance with a revolving door even safer. 

Like all other automatic doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, the revolving doors meet the highest safety standards and guidelines. The patented, state-of-the-art drive also means that maintenance costs are significantly lower and the risk of failure is reduced. With a revolving door you benefit from safety and cost savings at the same time. 

Individual adaptation of the new revolving door to each entrance area

 In addition to the range of revolving doors models with two, three or four leaves, there is the option to take special customer requests into account and thus to manufacture each door individually. One possibility here is, for example, the installation of a revolving door with access control to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering the building. In addition, it’s possible to integrate a night lock door in the entrance area. The direction of rotation of the doors can also be selected clockwise and counter- clockwise. In summary, every customer receives their own individual revolving door; let your business be inspired by an ASSA ABLOY entrance system.