Compact revolving doors

Compact revolving doors, in 3 or 4 wing arrangements, are attractive entrances with climate-control and security benefits for steady traffic entrances.

Fast-paced environments call for controlled technology that is aesthetically appealing yet manufactured with high functionality features. Our team have created several models of the Compact revolving door to optimise the inflow of goods and people within your building: the ASSA ABLOY dual action compact revolving door has three individually adjustable speed settings as well as providing the option of restriction access to certain parts of the building; the sleek ASSA ABLOY RD3 and RD4 revolving doors are sleek and standalone in order to provide complete noise reduction and air control.

Innovative technology utilised by our experts enables the continually efficient flow of people and goods through your door. Built-in speed settings vary to safeguard all passing traffic as the pre-set maximum speed protects pedestrians while still providing the manual push control that empowers them with retaining autonomy over their decisions.

The separation of indoor and outdoor environments facilitates greater climate control as you are able to maintain the internal temperature and thereby incur savings on your energy bill. Another key feature of our Compact revolving doors is adjustability as you can gain remote access and choose between a manual or motion sensor trigger with easily adjusted door settings.