ASSA ABLOY Automatic Sliding Door Systems

Automatic sliding door systems provide exceptional performance, offering a wide range of innovative options to meet the needs of all environments. From hospital entrances to retail stores, smooth, quiet and reliable operation is delivered with modular configuration options. Flexibility in design ensures that ASSA ABLOY automatic sliding door systems suit any application. Characterised by elegant but space-saving designs, these installations can be retrofitted to older buildings or installed into new structures without imposing on the overall feel of the space, all while offering a simple entrance and exit solution for high traffic areas.

View the full range of ASSA ABLOY sliding door systems below:

State-of-the-art technology for security and sustainability in all our automatic sliding door systems

Equipped with a multitude of innovative features, every automatic sliding door system from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is always up to date with the latest technology. The heat-insulating properties of the well-insulated safety glass in the sliding door systems also reduce heating costs and the associated CO 2 emissions. The innovative Eco Convenience Sensor, which monitors energy consumption, can regulate opening times and closing times; ultimately contributing to optimum sustainability.

All automatic sliding door systems have program selector switches (OMS) touchscreens to receive and deliver more precise data regarding error messages or necessary maintenance, and significantly reducing the downtime for possible repairs. If the sliding door system is not used at a public entrance, an optional access control can be added that only allows certain personnel to enter the building. To add the finishing touches to our automatic sliding door systems, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems supplies, in addition to the door leaves and all other devices, additional side panels and skylights for a harmonious ambience and an appealing look.

The advantages of an automatic sliding door system:

  • Barrier-free access to the building
  • Protection of property and customers
  • Ideally adaptable to the building and its requirements
  • Suitable for narrow entrances
  • Tested to ensure excellent quality
  • Energy efficient and sustainable
  • Regular support from professional customer service

Automatic sliding door systems complement buildings with a safe and visually appealing entrance solution. The systems from our selection of ​​automatic sliding doors are equally suitable for elegant hotels, heavily frequented hospital entrances and entrance areas in retail spaces. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems always offer the right entrance solution for your individual requirements. Powerful technology and attractive design combine in our automatic sliding door systems to form an unbeatable solution, even for narrow entrance and passage areas. Increase security and convenience with all our automatic doors.