Shipyard Doors

Shipyard doors form a durable barrier against coastal weather with high winds and other corrosive weather conditions. Thanks to the safe, sustainable and efficient operation, they easily meet the demands of large-scale industrial companies. Our shipyard doors in single-leaf and multi-port designs close even the largest openings with the smallest possible space requirement. In this way you keep more effective production area free with very little maintenance.

ASSA ABLOY Shipyard door solutions are designed to be robust in the face of extreme wind loads and are available in translucent fabric in order to increase the inflow of natural light for the facilitation of optimised working conditions.

Built with a long-service life that requires little maintenance, our Shipyard doors are manufactured with non-corrosive components to allow for continued high performance. Ideal for marine environments, our Single-leaf shipyard doors lift vertically to enable more production space at all times. Different models are available to choose from to fit the specific demands of your environment, from high-speed versions to focusing on dimensioning for wind loads.

Our multiple-leaf shipyard doors are built to provide a weather-resistant solution to operations taking place in large coastal locations as they function smoothly in very tall and wide openings to allow entering and exiting without any spatial comprise. A vertical-lifting fabric door model is available to be made in any size for environments that require this functionality, such as shipyard halls, as bespoke design innovation is our speciality.

All our Shipyard doors have been proven to retain their high functionality in marine environments while maximising the indoor space available for you to perform your operations.