Exterior doors

Reliable and flexible in their high-speed operation, our durable high speed exterior doors minimise energy loss while maximising safety and security. Longevity is guaranteed no matter which material suits your premises best as metal, rubber and fabric all offer the same optimum efficiency, cost savings and modern design.

High Speed Exterior doors: Fast-running support between inside and outside

High speed exterior doors need to guarantee a smooth flow of goods and traffic during the most demanding business operational periods. With their high speed and low downtime, they increase the efficiency of the company, increase flexibility and provide full reliability every time they are in use. The high level of security guaranteed by integrated sensors and light barriers should also be emphasised. Thanks to exceptionally fast door opening cycles, waiting times are eliminated and valuable time and money saved as production processes can be accelerated.

The low maintenance requirements and long service life of ASSA ABLOY high speed external doors make them a sound financial investment, especially with their modern and attractive design.

Security & Safety

All external doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems are equipped with state-of-the-art security features that protect both people and goods. The safety light barriers and the absence of stiffeners combined with a flexible curtain that moulds itself ensure this.

Also, with monitoring, the high-speed door is kept open until the door opening is completely free again and there is no longer any danger, making collisions and work accidents a thing of the past.

Minimal energy losses

Since external doors are the main barrier between the inside of the building and the outside, exterior doors need to resist adverse weather conditions and provide excellent insulation. Thanks to the fast opening cycles, the time in which the door is open (and air can be exchanged) is minimised so drafts and energy losses are avoided. This makes it even easier for you to achieve your operational sustainability goals through excellent thermal insulation. If a strict climatic separation is not desired, air circulation can be made possible by perforated sheet metal louvers.

Find the right external door

ASSA ABLOY external doors can be specially adapted to your specific requirements. You can not only choose the size, but also the door curtain design. An attractively modern designed exterior door with fixed curtains is suitable for robust and functional use, whereas an exterior door with flexible curtains is particularly geared towards energy efficiency. All high-speed exterior doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems are supplied with solid basic equipment that can be expanded as required and according to individual business needs. An example of this would be the optional deflection mechanism. Regardless of whether you need an external door for large industrial warehouses or for narrow underground car park entrances, our high speed external doors can always be adapted to maximise their efficiency and durability.