Interior high speed doors

High speed interior doors are ideal for frequent opening while separating critical interior areas. Rapid speeds and advanced safety systems, combined with tight sealing and pressure resistance, help control environments and improve operations.

High Speed Interior Doors: innovative and efficient internal entrance solutions

The internal doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the clients. Their purpose being to separate production areas, but not to hinder the production process, making their rapid opening and closing speeds essential. They significantly increase security and productivity within any business.

ASSA ABLOY internal doors can be used when certain hygiene regulations need to be adhered to or when people /machines / climate zones need to be effectively separated from one another. Our high speed interior doors range from simple economical building doors to specifically constructed doors for separating cleanrooms, food production, automated or robotic production areas.

Bespoke modular system  

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems internal high speed doors are tailored to the needs of our customers and we are proud to offer the perfect solution for any company.  

Our range of models are available in a number options, ranging from that size to curtain type and additional safety features. High speed interior doors are always designed to save space and are for high numbers of cycles in continuous operation. Depending on their size, they also meet all the requirements for use as an emergency or exit route. 

The doors curtains are available in a number of options; you can choose between transparent curtains for unrestricted incidence of light, hard-wearing PVC fabric curtains or designs with viewing windows. The robust RollTex® curtains are ideal for heavily used internal doors. By individually upgrading the basic modules, the inner door can be easily adapted to any production process. 

ASSA ABLOY internal doors meet the highest demands in terms of quality and safety 

ASSA ABLOY’s high speed interior doors comply with workplace safety regulation, to meet the highest safety and quality standards. Our range of access and automation options make it safe and easy to regulate the vehicle and pedestrian traffic that passes through any high speed door. 

The door curtain is constructed from one single piece of PVC fabric. The door curtain rolls up above the door opening and requires little space. The left and right sides of the door curtain are constructed with unique retaining straps that keep the door curtain tensioned under wind load, but minimises the friction of the door curtain through the side columns. If the door is hit by a vehicle, the retaining straps are pulled out of the side column. The self-reset function acts as a zipper to put the retaining straps back in the side column.

Some internal doors also have safety light barriers for complete all-round protection or are optionally equipped with a self-opening feature so that the internal door opens automatically in the event of a power failure. Thanks to the high quality of the materials, internal doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems are extremely durable and require little maintenance, and therefore they don’t hinder work. Although, we do offer maintenance service for our interior doors if needed.

Benefits of ASSA ABLOY high speed interior doors:

  • Reduction of energy and heat losses
  • Accelerated work processes
  • Individually adapted equipment and design
  • Low maintenance
  • Longevity despite high loads
  • Space-saving concept
  • Privacy and theft protection
  • Compliance with the highest security standards
  • Protection against dirt, noise and drafts

Whether in storage rooms, on production lines or in logistics centres, high speed interior doors from ASSA ABLOY are versatile and significantly increase productivity. The door speeds can be set individually using alternative controls and opening and closing can be controlled with light barriers without any manual intervention. In the retail trade, internal doors can be used to separate the sales area and warehouse, providing crucial privacy as well as protection against theft. In large production plants, internal doors protect people and machines or ensure that special hygiene regulations are met.