ASSA ABLOY Industrial Doors Ireland

ASSA ABLOY industrial doors include overhead sectional roller doors, folding doors, high speed doors and vertical lifting fabric doors for heavy industry.

Industrial doors are available in a wide variety of configurations, with options designed specifically to meet a wide variety of business needs. Choosing from the range of overhead and horizontally folding industrial door systems, expert advice is available to help you create the highly functional internal and external entrances you need, whatever industry sector you work in.

ASSA ABLOY doors are used extensively in warehouses, manufacturing, production plants, waste handling sites, distribution centres, shipyards, airports, emergency services stations, supermarkets and car dealerships. We supply and fit our wide range of industrial doors in and across Ireland.

Industrial doors: the functional door solution for industrial and commercial businesses

Industrial doors: the functional door solution for industrial and commercial businesses

Regardless of whether your business premises is a warehouse, factory, or other commercial space, large industrial doors play a key role in the company and its success. Sometimes the required entry must be especially large for logistical reasons, in other cases a small entrance is sufficient. Therefore, industrial doors need to meet specific site conditions, functionally and efficiently support operations. Our individually manufactured industrial doors are always tailored to meet these diverse requirements.

In addition, the aesthetic importance placed on an industrial door should not be underestimated. After all, the overall visual impression and the external appearance of industrial buildings and commercial operations can be a factor in success that should not be overlooked. Building elements that are primarily concerned with functionality, such as a warehouse entrance, are a figurehead for professional companies that can be seen from surrounding areas.

ASSA ABLOY industrial doors for the highest demands

Production facilities and sites often have very specific requirements for their entrance area(s) and must ensure operations are always efficient. ASSA ABLOY industrial doors can meet these requirements down to the smallest detail; our doors are designed to be space-saving and therefore only limit access to a minimal extent through frame constructions. They also have exceptional durability and resistance to withstand continuous intensive use without any problems. It’s of utmost importance to us to focus on individual customer needs and conditions to offer the user a bespoke product with all the necessary requirements at the respective location.

Our industrial doors are designed for an extended service life and thanks to innovative design, rarely require repair work. To be able to guarantee the smooth operation of our industrial door solution, they should be serviced regularly and by professional staff. Regular maintenance prevents possible failures or malfunction, it’s important that you can reply on the trouble-free operation of your systems.  Since upgrades and modernisation measures take place on the planned dates, the operational processes can continue to proceed undisturbed without any major delays.

The advantages of industrial doors:

  • Robust and durable
  • Attractive and stylish appearance
  • Wide variety of models for different requirements
  • High quality materials and components
  • Increase of productivity
  • Reduction in energy loss
  • Increased safety in passenger and freight traffic
  • Convenient operation
  • Space-saving and insulating
  • Economic and ecological investment

The right accessories: pass doors, door operators and colours for industrial doors

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems also offer a broad range of accessories for each type of industrial door. For example, pass doors that match the door leaf colour and design, thus ensuring a harmonious overall view. Incidentally, an additional door is not only practical, but also functionally advantageous; it saves energy as the entire door does not have to be opened for pedestrian traffic. 

Depending on the type of door, customers can choose between different door leaf designs with windows, contactless automatic systems for closing and opening and different RAL colours for the outside. You get exactly the industrial door that you need for your business premises. The highest quality standards and the wide variety of ASSA ABLOY industrial doors are just as impressive as the appealing designs, simple and convenient handling, maximum security and first-class accessories.