High Speed Doors

High speed high-performance doors excel during intense operation and in demanding conditions. Fast-acting fabric and insulated doors can improve efficiency, safety and hygiene in facilities where doors open and close frequently i.e manufacturing sites, cold stores and cleanroom type facilities.

High speed doors - a solid investment for increasing efficiency

The decision to invest in a quality high speed door or high speed roller door can be an important one for many businesses.

The use of these high-speed doors enables more efficient day to day operations and can save valuable time and money over the long term. The high speed closing and opening of the doors, helps the flow of traffic be faster and significantly reduces energy costs. In contrast to conventional doors, high speed doors are designed to tolerate different load changes to ensure that operations always run smoothly. Our range of doors manufactured to strictest safety requirements and have a number of key safety features including photocells in side columns, soft bottom beam including wireless detection device and self-reset function.

All these special features make the high-speed door a quality alternative to conventional doors. They guarantee top performance - even under the most difficult conditions and intensive use.

The advantages of high speed doors and high speed roller doors:

  • Exceptionally long service life.
  • Individually adaptable.
  • Highest security properties.
  • Remarkable energy efficiency.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces the transmission of heat, cold, noise, dust and dirt particles.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Key features of our high-speed doors

Our high-speed doors are used around the world in a wide variety of industries to minimise energy costs and optimise the flow of traffic. High-speed doors are used as machine protection doors, internal and external doors, fabric lifting doors, clean room doors and as door solutions for material processing and the food industry.


High-speed doors from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems are equipped with extensive safety features to ensure the protection of goods and people. A stationary light barrier detects whether there are objects or people in the closing level when the roller door is closed and reacts accordingly. Lateral light grids also prevent accidental contact with objects or people.

Self-Repairing Door (SRD)

An integrated deflection mechanism ensures that the high-speed door repairs itself automatically after a collision. Alternatively, the high-speed door can also be closed manually and is then ready for use again.

Manual operation

 A chain hoist makes it possible to manually operate the door, e.g. during a power failure. When the electrical operation is in use, the chain hoist is disconnected. When manual operation is required, pulling a string will release the motor brake, allowing the drum to rotate freely, using the chain hoist.

High-speed opening and closing

The exceptionally high speed of the opening and closing mechanism not only improves the flow of traffic and material, but also reduces the loss of energy and heat to a minimum.

Tensioned system for reliable door travel

The door curtain is held in tension between the roller and the bottom rail throughout its operation, ensuring that rolls up and down in a controlled manner.

Robust door curtains

The door curtain of our high speed doors, are designed for heavy duty and withstand specific installation conditions. We can supply the doors with special RollTex® fabric for applications needing a more durable curtain material.