Industrial Roller Doors

High Speed Industrial Roller Doors are built to withstand intense usage and diverse weather conditions. In environments where frequent door system usage is mandatory for daily operations, high-performance doors are a necessity.

Our high speed industrial rigid roller doors combine the greatest functionality with modern design. These fantastically engineered doors are fast, safe, robust and guarantees an extremely long service life with low maintenance needs. Perfect for exterior openings in general manufacturing, automotive dealerships, parking facilities and detention centres - just to name a few applications. It’s simple, patented design ensures hundreds of thousands of maintenance-free cycles.

We also offer high speed industrial fabric roller doors to assist you with operational efficiency and save energy. Ideal for both internal and external environments, their unique design offers perfect sealing and makes them virtually airtight. The doors are commonly used for separating critical interior areas, as their fast opening and closing speed helps control air exchange and reduce contaminants. Common applications include cleanrooms, food production, automated or robotic production areas.  

Improve efficiency with high speed roller doors and Industrial roller shutter doors.

There are numerous benefits to be gleaned from the installation of high speed roller doors and they all occur upon the moment of installation. At ASSA ABLOY, we design doors to streamline your operations and optimise the flow of heavy traffic through your entrance with ultra high-speed opening and closing motions. Whether its Industrial roller shutter doors or high speed roller doors you are looking for, we provide a high-functioning alternative to conventional doors that utilises technological advancement to bring you a host of benefits, from tight security to energy efficiency.

ASSA ABLOY Industrial roller doors are specifically designed to withstand varying load changes in order to optimise the efficiency of daily operations. The attention to detail that is delivered in the manufacturing of our high-speed roller doors creates an exceptionally long service life that consequently saves you time and money you would otherwise spend fixing conventional door systems.

The intensive use and specific work conditions that pertain to the usage of Industrial roller doors make continuous high-performance a necessity alongside our strict adherence to safety standards. Since our doors are designed to facilitate the smooth running of daily operations, we have embedded several safety features to protect any traffic passing through the doors. In addition, a reduction in energy consumption is guaranteed with our high speed roller doors, as well as lessening the transmission of noise, heat, cold, dust and dirt particles.

Compatible with a wide variety of applications, the advanced technological features help to improve productivity and secure longevity for your Industrial roller doors.