ASSA ABLOY fully-glazed industrial overhead sectional doors

Fully glazed overhead sectional door ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG
Fully glazed overhead sectional door ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG
Car dealership with the ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG fully glazed overhead sectional door
Car dealership with the ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG fully glazed overhead sectional door
ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG fully glazed overhead sectional door
ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG fully glazed overhead sectional door

Fully Glazed ASSA ABLOY Industrial Doors

Optimise light inlet and product visibility with the ultra-attractive ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG

The fully-glazed overhead sectional  industrial door - ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG - is designed for use in facilities looking to maximise natural light, increase visibility of products and ensure personnel can see clearly through doors. Ideal for car showrooms and dealerships, fire stations, or any facility where maximum light inlet and/or product exposure is desirable.

The aluminum frames of the ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG are anodized or painted to preference. Panels are single, double or reinforced triple glazing, presenting a modern, attractive and unique appearance in customer facing entrances.

Maximum Glazing - Minimal Frame

Glazed sections upto 3.3 meters in width are available with the ASSA ABLOY Fully Glazed industrial overhead sectional door. Owing to the design, no 'middle transom' is required for panes of up to 2.6m in length as the the frame is self supporting. Designers and architects are afforded the opportunity to create a clean, glass-like aesthetic for their working entrances in order to match a fully glazed facade.

Maximising Space

The overhead sectional door slides up under the roof when opened, maximising free space around the door opening. The overhead arrangement leaves entrances open and completely clear for product placement, or simply freeing up additional useable space

Safety Compliance

The ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG fully-glazed overhead sectional door is designed to meet all operational and safety requirements in the European Directives and the standards issued by the European Standardization Committee, CEN.

Technical description

ASSA ABLOY OH1042FG overhead sectional door

  • Standard size up to (W x H) [1]: 5500 x 4250 mm
  • Frame thickness: 44 mm
  • Windows: W < 3300 mm: 1 pane, W > 3300 mm: 2 panes
  • Pass-door: not available
  • Access and Automation: optional
  • Wind load, EN 12424 [2]: class 3: W < 3300, class 2: W > 3300
  • Thermal transmittance, EN 12428: 6 W/m2K
  • Water penetration, EN 12425: class 3
  • Air permeability, EN 12426: class 2

[1] Other sizes on request
[2] Higher wind load classificationon request


Product Leaflets

Product_leaflet_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042FG_en-IE.pdf (.pdf, 191 kB)

Product Datasheets

Product_datasheet_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042FG_en.pdf (.pdf, 2.1 MB)

Product Specification Texts

Specification_text_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042FG_en.doc (.doc, 410 kB)

Product Drawings

Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HHL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 855 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HHL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 897 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HHL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_Beam_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 907 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_Beam_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1004 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_Beam_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 948 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_LL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.7 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_LL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.9 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_LL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 2.2 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.8 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.2 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SLL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SLL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SLL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.2 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_Beam_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 924 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_Beam_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 950 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_Beam_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.3 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.2 MB)
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