ASSA ABLOY glazed overhead sectional industrial doors

ASSA ABLOY OH1042F aluminium framed door, with 5 row window grid
ASSA ABLOY OH1042F aluminium framed door, with 5 row window grid
ASSA ABLOY OH1042F aluminium framed door, with 5 row window grid
ASSA ABLOY OH1042F aluminium framed door, with 5 row window grid
ASSA ABLOY OH1042F glazed overhead sectional door
ASSA ABLOY OH1042F glazed overhead sectional door
Glazed panel overhead sectional door at Lifeboat station facility
Glazed panel overhead sectional door at Lifeboat station facility

Improve natural light inlet and aesthetics without compromising stability with attractive, glazed overhead sectional industrial doors

Glazed overhead sectional doors are an industrial door with a difference; visually appealing and highly practical the glazed sections improve natural light inlet and visibility.

The natural choice where product demonstration is a priority, the glazing arrangement benefits from the added stability of a 44mm thick aluminium tubular frame, which makes the ASSA ABLOY OH1042F a practical door system for entrances where industrial and/or commercial traffic must pass. Windows arranged in a 'grid' formation can be complemented by insulated solid panels to further enhance stability. Although all rows can be glazed, the most common arrangement of the ASSA ABLOY OH1042F sees the bottom row 'infilled', making it both easier to clean and more resistant to scratches and general wear and tear.

Glazing arrangement

The number of rows and columns of the ASSA ABLOY OH1042F is based entirely on the width and height of the door, which is divided equally creating the grid arrangement.

Wide range of opening

As with any overhead sectional door, the ASSA ABLOY OH1042F opens vertically into the roof/ceiling, maximising useable space in and around the opening. Running on tracks, the door rolls up and over. Track arrangements are decided by factoring the available space directly above the door opening and immediately inside the facility.

BIM objects

Environmental Product Declaration

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Technical description

ASSA ABLOY OH1042F glazed frame overhead sectional industrial door

  • Standard size up to (WxH) [1]: 7250 x 6050 mm
  • Frame thickness: 44 mm
  • Filling thickness: 27 mm
  • Bottom section thickness: 42 mm
  • Windows: Various options available
  • Pass-door: Optional
  • Access and Automation: Optional
  • Wind load, EN 12424 [2]: Class 3 W < 4250 x 4500, Class 2 W > 4250 x 4500
  • Thermal transmittance, EN 12428 [3]: 3.3 W/m2K
  • Water penetration, EN 12425 [4]: Class 3
  • Air permeability, EN 12426 [4]: Class 3

[1] Other sizes on request
[2] With or without pass-door. Higher wind load classification on request 
[3] Door size 4000 x 4000 mm 
[4] With or without pass-door


Product Leaflets

Product_leaflet_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042F_en-IE.pdf (.pdf, 451 kB)

Product Datasheets

Product_datasheet_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042F_en.pdf (.pdf, 2.5 MB)

Product Specification Texts

Specification_text_ASSA_ABLOY_OH1042F_en.doc (.doc, 445 kB)

Product Drawings

Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HHL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 855 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HHL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 897 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HHL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_Beam_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 907 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_Beam_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1004 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_Beam_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 948 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_HL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_LL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.7 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_LL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.9 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_LL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 2.2 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.8 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.2 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SLL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SLL_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_SLL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.2 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_Beam_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 924 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_Beam_operator_center_en.dwg (.dwg, 950 kB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_Beam_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.3 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_manual_operation_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.1 MB) Product_drawing_overhead_sectional_door-42_VL_operator_side_en.dwg (.dwg, 1.2 MB)
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