Insulated Roller Shutters

An environmentally friendly and high security roller shutter solution is yours upon the installation of our ASSA ABLOY Insulated roller shutter doors.

Reduce your carbon footprint with the thermally efficient design that is manufactured to maximise robustness and energy efficiency.

We offer two types of insulated roller shutters:

95mm enhanced foam filled insulated lath 

100mm traditional insulated flat lath 


High Security Solution

The inclusion of the twin interlocking cold rolled steel lath in the industrial roller shutter increases the depth of the door by approximately a huge 20mm. When it comes to keeping your business secure from outside threats, from theft to high winds, insulated roller shutters are a good investment as they are a high security entrance solution with depth any force would find difficult to cut through.

Thermal Efficiency

Insulated roller shutters are manufactured to reduce heat loss and help you to maintain your inside temperature, thereby generating savings on your energy bill while providing a robust security solution.

Bespoke Entrance Solution Experts

Individually tailored entrance solutions are the speciality of our highly experienced ASSA ABLOY team, allowing us to design roller shutter doors that enhance your specific environment to the requirements you request.

  • Curved foam filled lath (95mm)
  • Flat boxed lath with thermal infill (100mm)
  • Vision laths with double glazed Perspex (95mm and 100mm)
  • Various methods of automation
  • Various locking options
  • PVC laminate coating complete with anti-scratch properties in a range of colours (95mm)
  • Plastisol in a range of colours (100mm)
  • Galvanised finish (100mm)
  • Powder coating in BS and RAL colours to guides, angles and endplates
  • Bespoke fabricated guide sections
  • High speed operation
  • Barrel hoods/canopies
  • Motor hoods/canopies

A noticeable reduction in noise pollution is generated by the weighted sound reduction offered by the robust design of our insulated roller shutters. This results in an optimised work environment free of interference from outside forces and a visible commitment to green work practices.

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