Heavy-duty fan & LED light solution for safe loading and unloading

ASSA ABLOY Fan Light provides fresh air in a well-lit loading area at the same time
ASSA ABLOY Fan Light provides fresh air in a well-lit loading area at the same time
ASSA ABLOY Fan Light provides fresh air in a well-lit loading area at the same time
ASSA ABLOY Fan Light provides fresh air in a well-lit loading area at the same time

Fan & loading light in one: the combined solution for loading bays

In the loading area, large trailers or containers must be loaded and unloaded as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to make the process as safe and comfortable as possible for employees, vehicles and goods, appropriate lighting and good ventilation are decisive factors. The ASSA ABLOY Fan Light provides a combined solution to meet both of these requirements, with one product. As a loading accessory, the fan ensures a permanent flow of fresh air, which refreshes and, above all, cleans the air in trailers, vehicles or containers, while the integrated loading light provides extensive illumination of the interior.

Advantages of the user-friendly combined solution fan & loading light for industrial, transport & logistics environments

Robust and well-made elements play an important role in the loading area of ​​transport and logistics. This is why the ASSA ABLOY Fan Light combination solution is not only very powerful, but thanks to its high-quality workmanship it is also ideal for use in heavily frequented loading bay systems suitable. The loading light has a flexible, stable arm that can facilitate and speed up the loading process for all general industrial and logistics applications. ASSA ABLOY Fan Light has a practical on / off switch for the respective function of the fan and loading light. Due to its low weight, the device is easy to operate and the low noise level of the fan contributes not only to safety in the workplace but also to a pleasant working atmosphere.

The advantages during the loading process when using the combined solution ASSA ABLOY Fan Light

  • 2-in-1 product: The fan with integrated loading light offers improved working conditions for employees and prevents damage to systems, goods, vehicles or buildings.
  • Powerful fan to have fresh air instead of cold, hot or moisty air for improved work environment.
  • Bright and sufficient light in the truck and docking area thanks to powerful illumination. 
  • Fan and LED lamp with high energy efficiency.
  • Low energy consumption, long service life and low operating costs.
  • The flexible, stable arm is suitable for all applications and enables quick and easy loading.
  • Lightweight, small size and small footprint facilitate assembly and operation
  • Very low noise level for a safe & pleasant workplace
  • Modern and stable construction
  • User-friendly as no special training is required to operate it
Technical description


  • Power supply: 230 V AC / 50Hz
  • Cable length: 2m with plug
  • Total weight: 9 kg


  • Max. Airflow rate: 355 m³ / h
  • Max. Air temperature: 60°C
  • Max. Air pressure: 90Pa
  • Power consumption: 0.1 kW
  • Protection class: IP22
  • Noise level (3m distance): 61.5 dB (A)

Dock light

  • Watt: 20W
  • Light temperature: 5000K
  • Lumens of light: 2565
  • Lifetime: In typical applications over 50,000 hours
  • Protection class: IP66
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